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At a minimum, a WordPress hosting provider will need both PHP version 5.2.4 (or greater) and MySQL version 5.0 (or greater). In addition, WordPress itself recommends Apache or Nginx as the most robust and feature rich server environments for running WordPress but any WordPress Hosting service that supports PHP and MySQL will work just fine.

Finally, WordPress.org also notes that WordPress hosting is more secure when PHP applications are run using your account’s username rather than the server’s default shared username. To do this, a WordPress hosting company will need to be using suPHP or something similar.

Last Update: March 04, 2015

Rank Web Host Features Price Avg Connect
Avg Proc.
Avg Xfer
Uptime WP
1 BlueHost Space: Unlimited
Transfer: Unmetered
Domain: Free
$3.95 32.17 ms
272.33 ms
188.96 KB/s
2 WebHostingHub Space: Unlimited
Transfer: Unmetered
Domain: Free
$3.95 37.49 ms
170.66 ms
238.57 KB/s
3 InMotion Hosting Space: Unlimited
Transfer: Unmetered
Domain: Free
$5.95 28.48 ms
424.65 ms
225.99 KB/s
4 HostGator Space: Unlimited
Transfer: Unmetered
Domain: $15.00
$3.71 31.40 ms
381.43 ms
50.53 KB/s
5 MyHosting Space: Unlimited
Transfer: Unmetered
Domain: Free
$3.95 33.27 ms
556.05 ms
47.22 KB/s
6 Just Host Space: Unlimited
Transfer: Unmetered
Domain: Free
$2.95 54.76 ms
580.64 ms
27.92 KB/s
7 GreenGeeks Space: Unlimited
Transfer: Unmetered
Domain: Free
$4.95 39.91 ms
323.56 ms
185.39 KB/s
8 WebHostingPad Space: Unlimited
Transfer: Unmetered
Domain: Free
$1.99 50.64 ms
690.91 ms
76.42 KB/s
9 GoDaddy Space: 10 GB
Transfer: 300 GB
Domain: $9.99
$1.99 43.72 ms
511.43 ms
38.42 KB/s
10 iPage Space: Unlimited
Transfer: Unmetered
Domain: Free
$2.95 46.33 ms
2778.53 ms
16.51 KB/s

Bluehost.com – Rated Best Hosting for WordPress

Best WordPress Hosting - BluehostFounded in 1996 and headquartered in Provo, Utah, Bluehost.com is a private web hosting company now owned by the Endurance International Group, one of the world’s largest website hosting companies which owns a number of small web hosting providers. Bluehost.com provides basic web hosting services that use cPanel and the Linux operating system from data centers that are located in Utah.

However and unlike other web hosting companies which rent data centers from third parties, Bluehost.com owns its own data centers. Moreover, Bluehost.com does not rent data center space to other web hosting companies. Hence, Bluehost.com can ensure better security and stability for all of its web hosting customers.

Bluehost provides you with cPanel, the best hosting control panel in the industry, which is very easy to use even for non-technical users. Bluehost also provides you with a 1-click installation of WordPress which will allow your blog to be online within only a few minutes.

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Bluehost Customer Reviews

"The courtesy backups and restores you offer have been wonderful for me. Sometimes the Site Backup and Restore Pro function is adequate and sometimes I need your help. Your help has made all the difference."

Hope Kiah

"My website was hacked, and i liked the way the Support team at your company helped me resolve the issue. You guys are great, i will surely Recommend this hosting company to my Friends. Thank you a lot."

Charles Shola

"Bluehost is the best I have used. I have no problem saying to anyone - "go ahead and use them"."


"I love you folks... and in fact am recommending you to clients... and will put a banner on my site soon. I love what you've done to improve the one click wordpress install.. I was able to make a wp blog it's own home page without the blog directory nonsense you used to have.I've also had good luck with your tech people... and your prices are excellent.Yes you can quote me."

Anne Wayman

"Great customer response -- very thorough and prompt. And I definitely had more than one question. Thanks!"


"BlueHost is Great! I Love it.. i should have joined it earlier. The Customer Support is Awesome."

Aslam Shah

"I recently had a situation where I lost my production files and was looking at disaster. I emailed the help desk and within 5 minutes they had a check and advised me how to load the previous day backup. Situation was resolved entirely within 30 minutes."

Andrew North

Click Here to Read All Reviews From BlueHost Customers

How Do We Perform WordPress Benchmark Tests?

In order to test the performance of each web host, we carry out hourly benchmark tests from five (5) different servers located across North America: Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles and Vancouver, Canada.

Benchmark tests are performed on WordPress 3.5 websites using the default theme (Twenty Eleven) and no other plugins than Akismet, Google XML Sitemap and Better Lorem Ipsum Generator, which we use to generate fifty (50) pages of fictional content.

Once we get our WordPress blog up and running, we use the Apache HTTP Server Benchmarking Tool to test its performance. Here’s the meaning of each value:

  • Avg Connect Time (Average Connection Time): The average network connection time between our servers and the benchmarked host. The lower, the better.
  • Avg Proc. Time (Average Processing Time): The average time required by the remote server to process each request. The lower, the better.
  • Avg Xfer Rate (Average Transfer Rate): The amount of data transferred per second. The higher the better.
  • Avg Req./Sec (Average Number of Requests per Second): The average number of requests handled by the remote web server. This includes web pages, Javascripts documents, CSS documents, images, etc. The higher, the better.

WordPress Web Hosting Requirements

  • Linux or Windows Operating System (preferably Linux);
  • PHP 5.2.4 or greater;
  • MySQL 5.0 or greater;
  • Apache HTTP Server 1.3 or greater (Apache 2.0+ recommended).
  • mod_rewrite module for Apache;
  • suPHP is optional but highly recommended.

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